Who are we?

As Viva Media family, we undertake the in-store music broadcasting responsibilities of brands.
With the motto "Let radio broadcasters do this!", Our goal is to serve our customers at the national radio level.

Why Viva Medya?

We know that it is important for organizations such as stores, shopping malls, markets, hotels to broadcast legal music.
Our mission and vision are based solely on the principles of radio broadcasting.
Since 2014, our music archive has been We expand it even more and provide uninterrupted radio broadcast service to
our customers through our own software with our professional team...

How did we do it?

First of all, we produced a legal music archive for ourselves. These musics are made by our own arrangers and copyrights have been purchased.
We are confident that companies using our own music library will not need another alternative.
The "Viva Media Music Library Certificate" we give to our customers will be the signature that legal music is published in that store.
In this way, it will be sufficient for the companies subjected to any inspection to indicate that they are business partners with us and to show our certificate.
We undertake all legal responsibility through our own library in the contracts we have made. Thanks to our offline software “Viva Medya Radio Player”,
your music broadcast will be played without being connected to the internet. Since the program does not broadcast over the internet (stream),
it will not spend your internet quota and the risks of interruption and freezing will be eliminated.
Therefore, we can say that we provide closed Circuit Radio Broadcasting services.

Why Legal Music Matters

Since the existence of humanity, music has been a common language for everyone. Although the lyrics of a foreign music we listen to are in different languages or
cultural and ethnic differences, it can make us feel the emotion we are told. Firms strategically use the power of music as a marketing tool.
Music is an audio tool in mass marketing. Large companies operating in the retail sector influence consumers with music as a marketing tool.
In this strategy, store music and additionally store voiceovers have the characteristic of direct communication with the consumer.
Again, in the retail sector, companies cannot make a very sharp difference in terms of product and price,
so they have to switch to the store radio system in addition to their unique store atmosphere

The Importance of In-Store Music Broadcasting

Researches that have been going on for years have shown that the most important factor in affecting consumers in their stores, apart from decoration, is music.
It has been observed that customers who shop in a store without music do not spend much time.
However, the situation in stores that broadcast music and additional announcements is very different.
It was observed that customers who shop in these stores spend much more time, and thanks to announcements and announcements,
sales increases were triggered by informing about the campaigns.