Legal Music Streaming

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Legal Music Streaming

What is legal streaming? What are the changes when it is legal? Y who are those who want to broadcast prime music? What penalties will a store manager face if
does not stream legal music?
If you are curious about the answers to such questions, continue reading our article. First of all, legal music broadcasting is an application
that entered into force with the decision to protect the rights of artists.

It can be large companies, medium-sized companies and shops. These companies must pay royalties for the songs they use in music broadcasts and radio broadcasts
applied in their stores. Who are the companies in this group? If you are also a shop owner, do you pay for copyrighted music? The amount you will pay for
varies according to the size of your store. If you have a store larger than 55 square meters, you are covered by royalties according to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works.

Importance of Legal Music Broadcasting

If you do not pay a copyright fee for the songs you play in your store , you may be fined and jailed for violating the law.
In other words, copyright now applies not only to television or radio, but also to all companies operating.
Because music played in corporate stores falls under the marketing strategy category.

Well-known institutions, by paying the necessary royalties to the owner of the music played, legalize the music broadcast they apply. In fact, literally since 2012,
severe financial penalties have been imposed in the case of many large supermarkets hotels, restaurants, clothing stores and other large companies
not paying royalties for music streamed inside .