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About the Software

Viva Media Radio Player is a JAVA based program that can broadcast without the need for internet.
It distinguishes the program from other radio automation software because the software is stable and its installation is simple.
The program is a software designed entirely for Store Radio. It works well on Windows XP, Server, 7, 8 and 10.

Viva Media Radio Player provides information to the user. For example;
It lists which types of music will be broadcast at what times, which announcements will be broadcast at which time intervals and
playback history on its interface.However, due to our program radio principles, does not provide any control possibilities.
The lack of buttons such as skip to the next song or pause is the biggest feature that separates the program from ordinary Music Players.
Although this may sound like a bad restriction, you are actually giving all the control over to professional people.
This logic is the same as in national radio stations.
Our directors, who control the continuous broadcast streams, constantly update the flow of your company radio.

The installation of the program is almost nonexistent. Move Viva Media Radio Player to your desktop and the program will be ready to run.
To start streaming, all you have to do is enter your username and password. The broadcast will not stop unless you turn it off.

When you want a new voiceover from us or if new music is added to your archive, the program will need the internet for that moment and
download the data to its own pool. If you do not have internet when the update command is received, the software will query again in the next 15 minutes.
Viva Media Radio Player is a useful software for anyone who knows how to use a computer.

All rights of Viva Medya Radio Player are reserved.