Why is Music Important in the Store?

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Music Is Very Important For Your Store

Why is it important to use music to add voice to your brand and increase sales?
You are starting a business and you've fixed a lot of things - you've raised funds to get started, you've found a great position, and you've negotiated a lease you can afford.
You have created the pictures (your showcase, your logo, etc.) and created a web store, a Facebook profile, and an Instagram account.
You have planned many excellent marketing and promotional campaigns. You've hired a trusted vendor and agile, service-oriented staff.
But just a few days before the grand opening, you realize that you have forgotten the music in your store completely.

Is there a store without music?

It is clear that music in retail stores is quite a big deal.
And when starting a business it's important to have the right music, or to have a legal radio broadcast already running.
If the face of the store is visuals, music is your voice. Music means more than just entertainment for your customers.
Store music that lets your customers know who you are is the voice and soul of your brand.
Ronald E. Milliman, a Western Kentucky University professor, pioneered research into how background music affected shopping behavior in the 1980s.
However, ignorance about the impact of music on the markets Retail is still widespread even among large chains.
Although this has proven to be as effective as images and store branding in a purchase decision, a company still has music in stores Not using .
We all know that music can affect the brain in many different ways. But unlike visuals such as fonts and colors, it's much more difficult to judge music.

Is the music good? Like the sound of my brand? The answers are never simple.
Music is more subjective than visuals and people have a stronger opinion about it.
You probably think your music taste is stylish, but your proximity to Rock music may not be the best option for your upscale restaurant.
The best way to choose the store music category, integrating it from the very beginning, taking on a solid identity.

Store Music Preferences

The best music in a retail store is actually music you don't really remember.
The best music creates an atmosphere you like, but remains below the level of consciousness.
The simplest music is the music that usually does not attract attention because it is the music that matches the brand and the atmosphere of the store.
Obviously, the music you play must meet the expectations of the customers.
If you own a women's clothing store and people want to walk around and check the aisles, you cannot stream metal music in your store.

People will not feel compatible. They'll be so stressed out that they won't even see the products.
This means they will be uncomfortable while shopping at your store, and that means you will lose additional sales.
Either will buy the product determined in your store or leave before completing its circulation in the store.
The longer you stay in a store, the more likely you are to discover new products.
In fact, it can be said that most of the information about music in retail is not discovered.
For this, business owners should be guided correctly for store music .

You can create compensatory purchase effects by playing the right music with enchanting store music.
When we feel a little sad to cheer up, our urge to buy more is a reality. However, this does not mean broadcasting melancholic music in your store.
You can increase your sales by playing music in your store that will motivate and not disturb people's moods.

The importance of volume in store music & The importance of which music you play and why.

Don't make random choices of music for your store. Do not confuse the lists. Plan your music.
It would be correct to publish certain music styles suitable for your concept at certain times. In addition, it is very important that the music volume in your store is balanced.
It should not be at a high level to disturb people, nor too low to lose the store atmosphere.
The purpose of music is to meet customer expectations. Music is the voice of your brand. Your customers enter the store with advertisements
and expectations created by social networks. You have to create the same emotions using music. Ads, images, promotions and music should work together.
Unlike a logo that businesses can last for years, you need to keep your playlists up-to-date and constantly change for the music to continue to match
the emotional values of your brand. For this, we recommend that you get professional support for store music on behalf of store radio.