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Viva Media: Demo Radio
EDM Music

In-Store Music Broadcasting

We know that it is important for organizations such as stores, shopping malls, markets, hotels to broadcast legal music.
Our mission and vision are based solely on the principles of radio broadcasting.
Since 2014, our music archive has been We expand it even more and provide uninterrupted radio broadcast service to
our customers through our own software with our professional team.

V.M. Radio Player

The biggest complaint of the companies was that the radio
system in their stores was constantly interrupted and the internet
quotas were filled because it was live . However , companies
using VM Radio Player can listen to music and
announcement broadcasts on store radios without the need for internet.


When you install VM Radio Player for your store's radio,
the program only needs the internet to download songs and
announcements in the first place . After an update of about
5 minutes, the program will continue to broadcast music 24/7
without the need for internet .


You can see all streams in the interface of the VM Radio Player
program . You can examine which music list will be played at
what time, which announcements will be broadcast at how many
minutes intervals . In addition, you can follow previously
published recordings from the playback history.


VM Radio Player can play different music styles for your store
radio at certain times of the day . You can determine
the appropriate radio concept for your brand with music styles.
You can also broadcast ad voices at different minute intervals ,
and prepare ad slots with different time intervals.


VM Radio Player will automatically play the new voiceovers you
request from us. Daily or weekly changes of your announcements
will not cause any problems for the program. You can also
broadcast different announcements to your branches in different regions.

What is Store Radio?

Now brands see the shop radio system as a must. For example, radio broadcasting is a must for companies with many branches. No matter how much the brands give importance to their logo, venue design, presentation and price policy in their concept, if they do not have a radio system in their stores , they cannot be considered to have completed their brand image and corporate identity. Store radio or corporate radio has gained importance with technology from past to present. Because the store radio system is a means of communicating directly with the consumer. The music played in the radio systems of the companies has the quality of audio marketing. If there is a music broadcast and announcement in a store you visit , we can say that the company establishes a direct dialogue with the consumer.

Legal Liability for Store Music

A song produced in music as well as in all branches of art is included in the copyright law as soon as it is completed. For example, when an artist contracts with a producer company and releases an album, that artist becomes a member of Professional Associations and his project is protected by legal rights. These associations are state-affiliated organizations established for the same purpose that protect the copyrights of artists, composers and arrangers. The song, made after an artist officially releases an album, is broadcast on radios, video clips on TV channels and internet platforms. According to the total number of views or clicks of this published song, royalties are paid on behalf of the artist through the publishers. These royalties are paid to the Professional Associations, then their rights are transferred to the artist.

This rule also applies to the corporate radio system. If a company plays the song on its own store radio without the individual permission of any artist, the music broadcast is illegal and illegal. For this, companies should also be a member of Professional Associations and obtain permission to broadcast music in their store. On the other hand, they are obliged to pay royalties annually. In spite of all these factors, if the publisher or the store owner providing the service does not pay the copyright of the music they play, a fine may be imposed. Broadcasting irregular music in the store means that lawyers can visit your business with the police at any time. These lawyers can control the music you publish in your store without your permission. For this reason, everything must be duly legal to stream music in-store.