Our Services

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In-Store Music Broadcasting

Since 2014, we have been providing closed circuit radio broadcasting services as the Viva Medya family. The sectors we mainly serve are Shopping Mall, Store, Market, Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, Library, School and Hospital companies. You can also buy your institution's radio station. Your broadcast stream can include 24/7 Legal Music, Ad Voiceovers, Imprint Voices, Special Day Announcements, Package Programs

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We have experience in production. We can give voice to your campaign and promotional texts. Our voiceovers will record these texts in any reading style you wish. After the registration phase, we prepare dynamic and effective projects and enable you to have a national level radio station. If you do not own a radio station from Viva Media, we prepare Music + Announcement sets in line with your request and deliver them to your e-mail address in .mp3 format.

Location Based System

Our customers using V.M. Radio Player can request location-based broadcasts if they wish. Especially multi-branch companies need different music and different announcement systems due to geographic differences. For example, the price policy of your branches in the European region and the price policy of your branches in the Asian region may differ. V. M. Thanks to Radio Player, you can play the same product in your branches with different campaign announcements in 2 regions.